• Statement

All my life I have had the need to create, to draw and to paint, I don't know any other way of living. Painting helps me to live, to find peace, and to free myself from feelings and concerns.

I work basically using the technique of oil painting. For me, painting is the best way I have found to express myself. I am attracted to the tradition of this technique. Although I enjoy the observation of classical painting, I represent the present-day world adopting a contemporary figurative language, based on images that convey emotions because of their beauty, shape and colour. With a loose, free and fluid brushstroke and a wide ranging colour palette.

I use painting as a line of research, which opens the development of pictorial expression to new lines of discourse, in search of a pictorial practice capable of dialoguing with the present-day world. And it can function as a valid interlocutor, to give an account of the time, present in a broad sense, to the extent that the contemporary is crossed, both by the past and by the future.

In my works there are objects that have always accompanied us and those that belong to the technological world, opening spaces for meeting or estrangement. I represent objects, people and spaces, moving from a private to a public environment, moments of intimacy and affection. I search for spaces and times shared by people and objects, that preserve life and its stories. In this way I have addressed the subject of intimacy, privacy and confidentiality. Another fundamental reference in my work is women. As an artist committed to the feminist cause, I wish to highlight the value of the role and contribution of women in society, given that not so long ago, and still in some places, the feminine identity built by the male domain has been relegated to silence.