• Hypatia's Daughters

I have been working on the project Hypatia's Daughters since 2014, due to my interest in the lack of visibility of women in public life. The purpose of this project is therefore to raise awareness about that lack of visibility of the female voice, through a pictorial work in which not only form but concept participate in the creative process.

Hypatia's Daughters is an open series that consists of 300 portrait paintings (13x10 cm). This size converts each portrait into a miniature, which gives the painting a great intensity, responding to a an intentionality on different levels: on the one hand, to create distance from the photographic image, an obligatory model for portraits, from which it is necessary to move away in order to build a pictorial image. And at the same time, to force a search that questions the meaning of that pictorial construction, of an image already made in photography.

On the other hand, the miniature also responds to the intention of creating a mosaic of at least 300 portraits. After giving a space to the uniqueness of each one, they appear grouped together constituting a plural force, a community of female voices that resonate with the rhythm of resistance and creation.

One of the origins of the term mosaic is the Greek word that means muse, and museums, the place where the muses live. Inspiration and guardians of memory, muses have to be invoked, without hesitation, by this artwork, that tries, as a gesture of love, to give a place in space and time, to those women who have been able to be faithful to their spirit that is present in their works.

A gesture of resistance, that before the insistent desire to make them disappear from action and history, wants to make them appear, with the presence that painting can give them, to bring them back, to our memory and thought. To make women appear in history, in public life, and also in the privacy of our lives. We are their works, we are made of them. Now through one of the best things that life has given me, the desire and the need to paint, I want to bring to the present those women who managed to break away from convention and the prohibition of appearing in the public space.